Our values.

We believe in art, creativity and the collaboration between people. Nail art is an amazing tool for self-expression, and it’s only temporary so you can be as expressive as you want! There’s an unlimited amount of designs to choose from or unlimited sources of inspiration. If you are ever struggling with making a decision, your nail artist will always help you to come up with you dream design!
Healthy nails are our biggest priority. We care about your natural nails, therefore we choose the least damaging products on the market. All the brands used in TRU are vegan and cruelty free too! The extensions TRU provides are an innovation by the American brand Aprés. That means we use soft tips made of gel, which can be soaked off, keeping your natural nails healthy and happy!
TRU is 100% gender neutral! We fully support equality in the beauty industry, and we don’t like gender stereotypes or stigma. Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ community or just a man wanting to express himself - you’re always welcome! TRU will never be a pink female-oriented place where a man might feel uncomfortable or out of place.
We love good vibes! This is not your usual nail appointment, it’s an act of self-care in a nice environment, surrounded by creativity and great people. We’ll make sure that you’re comfortable, offer you a drink and have a great chat.

We can’t wait to see you in our salon!

A bit about the team.

Sasha Trutneva

senior nail artist

My name is Sasha and I’m the founder of TRU nail art.
I started doing nails when I was 15 as my mum runs a chain of beauty salons in Russia, where I grew up. Beauty industry and nails specifically always attracted and fascinated me. I always loved art in every form and tried to be creative throughout my life.

About 2 years ago I started doing nail art and realised that there’s so much more than just french manicure and plain colour painting in the world of nails and art. I studied Business Psychology at university in London so starting my own nail art salon felt like the natural next step.

I want to bring alternative and unique ways of creating nail art designs to Brighton as it seems like it’s a perfect spot for that. I look forward to working with artists, people who work in creative industries and all the art lovers.

Min Ziegler

Junior nail artist

I’ve always loved decorating my body as a way of feeling confident and displaying my creativity. I do this through my make up, clothing choices, jewellery, tattoos, piercings and nail art. I’ve always loved the idea of nail art. As a child, I used to paint swiss flags on my Grandad’s nails. I especially loved to paint his nails because they were huge, like canvases.

I’ve known that I wanted to experiment with gel polish for years, but as I wasn’t allowed anything on my nails at my previous job, i never got the chance to try it out. As soon as I left that job when the first lockdown began, i bought a UV lamp and pushed my creativity into nail art.

Our space

We created a space that champions art and creativity, all to make your visit as comfortable and inspiring as possible.

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