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Sorry, but we do not remove acrylics, press-on nails, hard gel or any other kind of nail extensions. We only remove Gel-X extensions done at TRU. Ifyou previously got your nails done somewhere else, please make sure that the product on your nails is gel polish by brands Gel Bottle, CND Shellac, OPI or Gelish. If the product on your nails is something else, please remove it before your appointment at TRU.

Please make sure you book your take off separately as it takes extra-time!

No-chipping policy

We don’t like chipped nails! If your gel chips within the first 7 days we will fix it for free. If that happens, please email or DM us with a picture of your chip and we will find you a spot for a fix!

Cancellation policy

Late cancellations and no-shows are very damaging for a small business.

We do not take deposits but we have a right to charge you a cancellation or a no-show fee. The fee is 50% of your treatment cost if you cancel later than 48 hours before the appointment and 100% of your treatment cost incase of a no-show. The cancellation fee is paid through our booking system Fresha, when you've confirmed your appointment with your card details. Otherwise the cancellation fee will be added to your next appointment.


Please always let us know asap if you are running late. If you are more than 15 minutes late we might have to cut a part of your treatment (e.g. hand massage, polish application or nail art).

Nail art levels

Please visit our “Nail art levels” section on the website or insta story highlights to find out what level you design falls into. If you are still unsure what nail art level you design is email or DM us! It is important to determine a nail art level before the appointment because it affects the appointment time and price.

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